Innocent Prisoner Dilemma

After listening to the intriguing podcast Serial. I’ve made a conclusion whether or not Adnan is guilty or innocent and I am quite convinced that Adnan Syed was wrongfully convicted and he is actually innocent. There was important information left out during the trial and enough evidence to prove my pointadnan-syed

Listening to episode twelve of Serial helped open my eyes to evidence that was missed that can benefit Adnan’s case

The major facts that caught my attention right away leading me to my conclusions such as, Asia had written letters to Adnan after his arrest and the inconsistency of the suspects story and the cell phone records of that particular day.

Adnan’s only alibi was Asia. In the letters she wrote to Adnan she stated that she was aware he was in the library at the time of the tragic event, sadly Asia did not get in contact with a lawyer and therefore they were never aware that he had an alibi

Asia provided an affidavit in 2015 which stated that, she swears that she was let out of class  at 2:15 pm the day of the homicide and at 2:30 she saw Adnan in the library and left  at 2:40 pm which Adana was still present in the library. This simply means that it is impossible for Adnan could not have been close to the crime scene during the murder if it was said to happen at 2:36 pm that same day. One of the reasons Asia has a vivid memory of this day is because the following days of school were cancelled due to “hazardous weather”   

One of the prominent issues that i have noticed about this case, was the suspect’s stories none of them added up, they were quite inconsistent. A great example of this is in Jay’s timeline he provided in the last episode from Serial, season one. Jay kept changing his story and was proven wrong multiple times thanks to the cell phone records. It is very likely that Nisha’s call was from a butt dial or someone had Adnan’s phone at that particular time. When highly considering that Nisha’s insistence that Adnan was with Jay at his workplace in a video store, It is also very important that people know Jay did not have an occupation at the time of Hae’s murder. This clearly makes Nisha’s call, which was one of the most important pieces of evidence not relevant to the case   


All of these significant factors make me honestly believe that Adnan Syed was wrongfully convicted and is in fact innocent. The amount of stories that did not add up and the several gaps in the arguments against him makes me question the trial. The trial should be re-investigated again because something is definitely missing.

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