According to university requirements, the only prerequisite needed for every single program is 4U English; the reason being that proper sentence structure, grammar, and formatting play a common role within all the faculties from the arts to the sciences. The importance of continuing to have 4U English as a requirement cannot be simply dismissed because of the opinions of certain individuals that do not realise the everyday role that the skills attained from university level English play.

Students practising English skills 

 Although English seems to play a more obvious role through readings, essays, and discussions in programs such as: sociology, psychology, etc. The importance of English in programs which are majority calculation based, for instance: mathematics, medical science, etc., are shown through lab reports, and research assignments. Without the fundamentals gained from the course, the results would ultimately end in a less successful outcome. Communication plays a vital role in the success in your future. If you are not able to get a point across through your essay, lab report, or research project, the T.A. assigned to mark the work will give the work a poor mark. The skill of analysis is also vital to  progress of university. It is due to the extensive amounts of reading through textbooks and cases given in university courses. The work assigned following these readings is based off of your interpretation of the reading. Your task is to analyse the text and follow the guidelines given to you.

Student analysing text book 

In 4U English analysis is taught through essays. Once a book is completed in class, the task that follows the reading is typically an essay. To write a successful essay, one must analyse the text to get the points needed to prove the thesis of the essay. Finally, there are certain requirements that are needed to graduate from university. One of these requirements being that you have to take two essay based courses, which you will need prior English skill for. These English courses require multiple essays to be written. If you do not pass these course you are not able to graduate. Not only does English 4U prepare you for all of the courses you will be taking for your program of choice, but it will also be preparing you for the required essay based courses you need to take for your university requirements.

This image represents what the English curriculum can help an individual become successful

 In conclusion, 4U English was made to be a prerequisite to be beneficial to the grade twelve student applying to university because the skills learned from the course will be applied to all of the courses needed for university; this is why 4U English is and should remain a requirement for university.



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