Innocent Prisoner Dilemma

After listening to the intriguing podcast Serial. I’ve made a conclusion whether or not Adnan is guilty or innocent and I am quite convinced that Adnan Syed was wrongfully convicted and he is actually innocent. There was important information left out during the trial and enough evidence to prove my point Listening to episode twelve… Continue reading Innocent Prisoner Dilemma

A Woman’s Heart is a Deep Ocean of Secrets

  Archetypal Plot    The main character Baby has been exposed to many drugs and crimes throughout her life. Early on in the novel, she pressured into doing drugs by her family and peers. She does not have a problem with trying drugs because she assumes it’s okay because of her drug user father. Baby… Continue reading A Woman’s Heart is a Deep Ocean of Secrets


According to university requirements, the only prerequisite needed for every single program is 4U English; the reason being that proper sentence structure, grammar, and formatting play a common role within all the faculties from the arts to the sciences. The importance of continuing to have 4U English as a requirement cannot be simply dismissed because… Continue reading Reality